General Sessions

Opening Keynote | Cybersecurity: Practice What, and While, We Teach


9:00am - 9:50am

Thomas Hoover

Vice President for IT and CIO

University of Louisiana System and Louisiana Tech University

Phyllis Lee

Vice President of Security Best Practices Content Development

Center for Internet Security

Alex Podchaski

Chief Technology Officer

Trinity Preparatory School

Tony Sager

Senior VP and Chief Evangelist

Center for Internet Security

The opportunities and challenges of cybersecurity have moved from the domain of wizards and governments into the economic and social mainstream. And nowhere is this more evident than in the world of education. In many ways, the world of education has been a leader and a prime target, long before cyber became "cool." Bring your own devices? Operate open research communities while still protecting intellectual property? Protect personal information about students? Increasing demands for new tech, but with declining budgets? Deliver complex and rapidly changing content, in multiple forms? That's just another tough day at work for IT pros in education. In this discussion (which will also be a live podcast), CIS's Tony Sager will talk to a panel of education IT leaders who live in this complex and risky world — to hear about the problems, challenges, and successes they experience. In cyberspace, we all have more in common than different, so we have the opportunity to share, learn, and help bring focus to the most important things to be done. He'll also share how the Center for Internet Security works with education communities, helping to bring focus, priority, and technology to help education IT pros face the challenges that we all share.