The Data Revolution in Higher Education

Higher Ed Is in Trouble: How Analytics, Data Literacy and Data Governance Can Help Save It


2:00pm - 2:50pm

Jason Simon

Associate Vice President, Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research

University of North Texas

This session outlines the current internal and external challenges facing higher education and how analytic maturity and data literacy can lay the foundation for institutions to not just survive but thrive amidst the new normal. By attending you will be able to equip yourself as a leader, practitioner, or functional/technical subject matter expert to return to your organization to make a real difference. Specific examples, tactics, and strategies will be offered to demonstrate how to apply analytic maturity and data literacy practices in action. A case study of the University of North Texas' analytic advancement will highlight key practices and offer attendees a real-world view into how data and analytics can change the trajectory of an institution.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn at least three strategies to engage your campus community on data literacy
  • Learn at least three factors that contribute to an institution's ability to succeed at maturing its analytic approach
  • Define at least 10 areas within the institution where analytic maturity will help support student and institutional success