Transforming K-12 Learning with Data

Leveraging Intelligent Technology for Data-Driven Decision-Making in K-12 Educational Leadership


4:20pm - 5:10pm

Eric Bausewein

Technical Support Team Lead

Satchel Pulse

Data is crucial to the success of everyone in education, but especially important to the leaders of K-12 institutions across the country. Leaders receive all kinds of feedback and data, but what are they doing with that data? It would help if you had it; however, frequently, it's received too late or is already out of date to make the changes needed. There are tactics and strategies to help with issues like teacher retention, student attendance, behavioral problems, and your staff's concerns while upholding everyone's wellbeing. School leaders' most significant challenges can be tackled and supported with intelligent technology and reflection.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how receiving continuous data and feedback can shape the future of your organization
  • Learn and reflect on what currently works for your team and what really doesn't
  • Walk away with insight and tips for the betterment of your organization and community