Eric Satterly


Bellarmine University

Eric Satterly is an information technology executive with extensive depth in the higher education and finance sectors and has a varied work experience ranging from entrepreneurial, start-up environments to highly structured, corporate operations. He has over 21 years of experience serving as the highest-ranking Information Technology professional in different organizations with accountability to the most senior executives and/or board of directors. He is extremely mindful of disruptive trends in information technology and actively pursues people, process, and technology alignment to react to such trends. He has been successful in developing and communicating technology strategy to support the business, building and empowering innovative teams to implement the strategy, and ultimately delivering value through technology. Satterly has been at Bellarmine University since 2012 where he has overseen a complete review and replacement of all administrative and student information systems. Additionally his teams have improved the data centers and core infrastructure as well as integrate with cloud service providers.