Cybersecurity in Higher Education: Staying Ahead of the Storm

Protect Higher Ed Data from Scammers


9:00am - 9:50am

Bob DiGuardia

EVP for Client Success

AMSimpkins & Associates

Maurice Simpkins

President / Principal Consultant

AMSimpkins & Associates

Mark Kantrowitz, a leading expert on financial aid issues, estimates that "3.6 percent of Pell Grant recipients collect the money fraudulently. As a result, taxpayers lose $1.2 billion per school year." In context, it seems, Pell Grant fraud can be incredibly costly. While a thousand dollars may not seem like much for a college collecting thousands [or millions] in tuition money from students every semester, the money lost to these Pell Jumpers adds up.

Over the past year, more and more colleges and universities are becoming a hot target for fraud rings and scammers to try and steal as much government funds as possible. By the time a scam has been identified, it is too late and payments have been issued to fraudulent accounts without any way to recover the loss. In this session, you'll learn about new scammer tactics and how to detect and defend against student fraud.

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