Transforming K-12 Learning with Data

Accessible Data Dashboards and Visualizations as Pragmatic Planning Tools for Educators


2:00pm - 2:50pm

David Amiel

Research Associate, Center for Effective School Practices

Rutgers University

Educators and administrators are surrounded by data, whether it is routinely collected, generated passively by learning management systems, or gathered through learning activities and assessments. With this data, educators can effectively differentiate and scaffold instruction, and administrators can make informed decisions about resource allocation, course offerings, and curriculum articulation. However, this is only possible if data is mobilized, which requires it to be faithfully interpreted, accessibly presented, and situated within qualitative contexts. In this presentation, through real-world examples and case studies, we demonstrate several ready-to-use techniques, tools, and dashboards intended to infuse informed data-use into educational decision-making.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn accessible data pipelines to organize, summarize, and visualize educational data (such as academic performance or student enrollment)
  • Learn how to translate findings from educational data into meaningful and informed change to promote educational equity and achievement
  • Learn the importance of situating data analyses within a broader, qualitative context to gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding