Leadership and Community Building in the New Now

How CodeCrew Is Creating Economic Growth with Its Code School Program


1:00pm - 1:50pm

Audrey Willis

Co-Founder and Program Director


This session will explore how CodeCrew's Code School is creating economic lift in cities with large underrepresented populations. CodeCrew is filling the tech pipeline with its blueprint for boot camps that provide people with the skills and knowledge necessary to increase job opportunities and higher salaries.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how CodeCrew's Code School has been crafted to fit the needs of underrepresented populations taking these students from technology novices to software engineers
  • Understand the barriers that prevent students from accessing conventional college pathways and how Code School has partnered with community partners to fill the gaps with access to equipment, mentors, financial literacy, and career readiness
  • Learn effective strategies to increase diversity and inclusion in our classrooms and how these strategies can be implemented at scale