The Data Revolution in Higher Education

On-Chain Credentials: Implementing Decentralized Identity at Your University


3:00pm - 3:50pm

Nick Dazé

Co-founder and CEO


Shruti Jain

Master of Public Administration candidate

Columbia University

Christopher James

CFO, Viterbi School of Engineering

University of Southern California

Thirty-eight percent. That's the number of first-time students who transfer schools within their first six years, but their credits don't always follow. In response, higher education leaders are shifting away from paper-based and legacy systems for academic records to on-chain credentialing programs because it enables provable, portable, and privacy-preserving learning certifications.

This session offers a playbook for unlocking the potential of decentralized identity on campuses, with insights from university administrators and blockchain experts. Attendees will get questions answered and hear actionable advice for their institutions.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what decentralized identity is and why on-chain, portable credentials are the future of academic certification
  • Understand the benefits as well as the barriers to implementing on-chain credentials on campus
  • Learn from credentialing case studies and best practices from university administrators