Cybersecurity in Higher Education: Staying Ahead of the Storm, Tutorial Workshops

Threat Modeling: Star Wars Edition


1:00pm - 2:50pm

Audrey Long

Senior Security Software Engineer


This talk will walk through threat modeling fundamentals with a fun Star Wars twist! Even what may seem the most impenetrable, will always have a secret way in that can be exploited. Be it an error in code, an unaccounted-for perspective, or a convenient airshaft leading to the center of a giant, black, round space craft, a developer must be aware of potential weaknesses. Using threat models is like getting the blueprint to the Death Star. They allow you to plan for potential scenarios or ambush attacks from storm troopers with impossibly bad aim. Understanding the possible risks ensures your entire team will make it back to the millennium falcon. In this talk, {redacted} will walk you through understanding threats in a cloud system and how to protect yourself from the dark side.

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