Cybersecurity in Higher Education: Staying Ahead of the Storm

RELAX: Humanizing Security and Cyber Risks


1:00pm - 1:50pm

Ken Fanger


On Technology Partners

With 30 years of industry experience, Ken Fanger has discovered the importance of Humanizing Security – understanding humans are the center of prevention AND the cyber attack. This is an area often neglected by businesses and cyber security companies alike. Employees need to be properly leveraged and supported to facilitate cyber resilience and recovery.

Ken uses his simple and straight-forward Triple A Method to address each stage of a cyber attack. Drawing from his book, RELAX: A Guide to True Cyber Security, Ken's approach helps people understand the risks that exist and how to address them to reduce their impact, all while treating victims with dignity and respect, rather than shaming them for being attacked. This approach helps keep employees actively engaged in the cyber security of a company, as well as empowered to seek help when an attack occurs, rather than feeling shamed and victimized again after an attack takes place.

This is a fundamental change toward a more holistic approach to cyber resiliency and recovery. Businesses need to be supportive and productive in protecting and recovering from attacks (rather than calling people "stupid" or faulting them for the attack or failure). We need Humanized Security so that everyone is empowered, prepared, and protected.

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